Important Notice: For All POD Clothing

Thanks for Supporting Our Brand!

For ALL Print on Demand (POD) Clothing we use inks that are water-based and eco-friendly. We use a special (vinegar mixture) solution in the printing process, so don’t worry if you notice a slight new shirt scent (like vinegar) or some discoloration. Both will disappear after the first wash. We have tested and done this for all products we offer before selling them to the public. :-)

The vinegar mixture is used as a pre-treat which is sprayed down by the printer that allows the ink to float above the shirt fabric.  If vinegar isn't used to pretreat when we spray down the colored ink, it would sink into the fabric of the T-shirt and look like a vintage print with muted colors. The vinegar pretreat is 100% water-based eco-friendly and will wash out in the washing machine on your first wash so don’t worry about the smell. 

Remember you’re helping to save the environment from toxic chemicals by using the vinegar pre-treat unlike traditional screen print that uses carcinogen producing inks.

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